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Prague apartments

How to get to the Czech Republic

By plane
  By car
  By train
  By coach

By plane:
There is one air-company to travel to the Czech Republic with, it's Czech Airlines (CSA). It is possible to fly from most of the world�s cities. Other air-companies fly to the Czech Republic too, e.g. British Airways, British Midland, KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia or El Al Israel Airlines. The main airport in our country is in Prague, other smaller ones are in Pardubice, Brno and Ostrava. Buying tickets in the Czech republic won�t save you much money, so if you are only going there, take advantage of the lower cost of a return ticket bought at home.

By car:
The Czech republic is covered by a network of generally good roads, though they often follow old routes, through villages and small towns. There are some 500 km of European-style motorways, the main ones being the D1 or E50/E65 between Prague and Brno. Motorways and country roads tend to have light traffic. The quickest way of taking your car over to the continent is to drive to the Channel Tunnel. The most direct route from Calais to Prague is via Lille, Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt and Nuremberg, entering the Czech republic at the Waidhaus -Rozvadov border crossing - a distance of over 1000 km. Main motorway borders:

Cinovec / Zinnwald (E55)
Pomezi n. / Schirnding (E48)
Rozvadov / Waidhaus (E50)
Zelezna Ruda / Bayerischer Einstein (E53)

Ceske Budejovice / Doni Dvoriste (E55)
Hate / Kleihaugsdorf (E59)
Mikulov / Drassenhofen (E461)

Slovak Republic:
Lanzhot / Kuty (E65)
Horni Becva / Makov (E462)

Cesky Tesin / Cieszyn (E462)
Nachod / Kudowa Stone (E67)

By train:
Trains travel daily to Prague from most major European cities. There are comfortable International trains signed �IC" (Intercity) or �EC" (Eurocity). They go e.g. from Bonn, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna or Warsaw. The international railway stations are Prague Main Railway Station (Hlavn� n�draz�) and Prague Hole�ovice.

By coach:
Going by coach is the cheapest way to get to the Czech Republic. Kingscourt Expres operate a direct service from London to Prague which runs daily except Mondays in summer and three times a week in winter. It takes approximately twenty hours and arrives at Prague�s main bus terminal, Florenc. The other, Eurolines also run coaches to Prague, departing from London, Paris and othe rbig European cities.
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