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Facts about the Czech Republic

The basic facts
Czech language
Pronunciation of important Czech words
Money, currency
Medical information
Important phone numbers
Czech News and Radio stations
Other important information

The basic facts:
Surface 78.864 Kmq.
Population 10.251.000 inhabitants
Density 130 inhab./Kmq.
Annual Growth -0,01 %
Urban Population 65,5 %
IPG per head 9770 $US
Inflation 8,6 %
Capital Prague
System Parliamentary Republic
President Vaclav Klaus
Main Cities Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Olomouc, Hradec Kralove, Liberec
Languages Czech
Religions Roman Catholic 39.2%, Protestant 4.6%, Orthodox 3%
Money koruna (Kc)

Czech, a consonant-rich Slavic language, is among the world’s most complicated. It contains sounds quite difficult for English speakers to produce. However, a growing number of young people, business people, politicians and shopkeepers in Prague speak English (particularly in the city’s centre). Many, especially the older generations, also speak German.
Many guidebooks to Prague use English-language names for sights around town. This is helpful, but can be confusing when maps and street signs use the Czech spellings. Here are the most common translations you'll see:

Old Town = Stare Mesto
Prague Castle = Hradcany
Charles Bridge = Karluv most
National Theatre = Narodni divadlo
Main Station = Hlavni nadrazi (hl.n.)
Wenceslas Square = Vaclavske namesti
Old Town Square = Staromestske namesti
Lesser Town = Mala Strana

Most Czechs are aware that their language is a nightmare for foreigners, but a well-timed word or two might reward you with a smile if not noticeably better service, and --who knows -- it may open a few cultural doors.

English Czech Pronunciation
Please Prosim PRO-seem
Thank you Dekuji D'-e-kwee-ee
Yes Ano (or "no") AW-no
No Ne neh
Hello Dobry den DOE-bree-den
Goodbye Na shledanou NA SKLE-dawn-o
Do you speak English? Mluvite anglicky? MLOO-vee-tay awn-GLITS-kee?
One Jeden, Jedna, Jedno YED-en, YED-na, YED-no
Excuse me Prominte Pro-MIN-tay
Where is ...? Kde je...? GDAY ye ... ?
Where is the metro? Kde je metro? GDAY ye metro?
Where is the bathroom? Kde jsou toalety? GDAY sow TOWA-aletty?
One beer. Jedno pivo. YED-no pi-vo.
please prosim PRO-seem
Another, please. Jeste jedno, prosim YESH-ty-e, YED-no, PRO-seem.
How much does it cost? Kolik to stoji? Koe-LEEK toe STOY yee?

According to the most recent census, in 1991, the Czech Republic has a population of 10.3million, or 131 per sq km.Like the Slovaks and Russians, Czechs belong to the Slavic group of peoples, which is divided into East,West and South Slavs. Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Luatians, belong to the West Slav group.
Romanies, or Gypsies one of the most conspicuous minorities, are thought to be descended from migrants from India in the 15th century. They have always experienced particular hostility in central Europe, which now seems to be on the increase. Their numbers here have increased sharply since the 1950s, both from births and from migration into the republic for work. The Communist government tried to integrate them into Czech society, with mixed success.
There is a small Vietnamese minority, originally brought here as guest workers. They have also faced racism and claim to be underpaid. Their future is uncertain as the government would like to see most of them return to their homeland.
The estimated 1992 population of the capital, Prague was 1 212 000. The other big cities were Brno 392 600, Ostrava 331 500 and Plzen 175 000.

The Czech unit of currency is the crown (korun or koruna, abbreviated Kc) and the heller (haler or haleru, abbreviated hl). One hundred hellers equal one crown. Banknotes come in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 crowns. Coins are available in values of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 crowns, as well as 50 hellers.

While the Czech currency is floating and could increase or decrease at any time, it rarely falls below a rate of 25 Kc to one US dollar. For exact currency rates use the currency convertor on the homepage.

Changing money
What's the best way to change money? The best option is usually one of the major banks, which generally charge the lowest commissions (about 2 percent with a minimum transaction). For smaller amounts, the charge can go up dramatically. Visitors with American Express travelers cheques can redeem them at the American Express office for local currency at full value, with no commission charged.
The many "exchange" outlets around Prague may be convenient, but they tend to charge higher commissions, which can sometimes be misleading or surreptitiously loaded with hidden costs (such as the city map that you thought was free).
One caveat: Do not change money with strangers on the street. It is illegal and you could end up with a handful of worthless paper.

Medical information
One of the unpleasant risks travelers take is the possibility of becoming ill in a foreign country.
In case of a real emergency you should call for an ambulance. Dial 155. No card or coin is needed for this number from a pay phone. If you don't speak Czech it would be a good idea to have someone who does act as an interpreter.
If you don't need an ambulance but need to get to the hospital, take a taxi to Na Homolce Hospital in Prague 5. The foreigner's clinic there will be able to provide a physician who speaks English.
If your medical problem isn't an emergency, Prague is now home to several clinics that cater to English-speaking clients and which, for a fee, can provide a network of services from a simple examination to accompanying a patient to the hospital.
To buy even a simple aspirin, it is necessary to go a pharmacy, or lekarna. One good, convenient lekarna is at the top of Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske nam. 64, open Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to noon and 2-4 p.m.) Pharmacies that stay open 24 hours a day are listed near the front of the yellow pages phone directory under Lekarny s nepretrzitou pohotovostni sluzbou. One 24-hour pharmacy near the centre is Lekarna U Andela, Stefanikova 6, Prague 5, near the Andel metro stop (Tel. 53 70 39 or 5732 0918).

Other numbers
American Medical Center: 220 80 77 56
Canadian Medical Center: 235 360 133
First Medical Clinic: 224 923 801
Na Homolce Hospital Polyclinic for Foreigners: 257 211 111
Dental Emergencies: 224 22 76 63
Health centre Prague, s.r.o.: 224 22 00 40

Cold winters, warm summers; springs and summers are the wettest seasons, yet with somewhat more sunny days than in Western Europe.

Average temperatures:
Jan 24-34ºFahrenheit/ -5 to 1ºCelsius;
Feb 24-37ºF/ -5 to 3ºC;
Mar 30-47ºF/ -1 to 8ºC;
Apr 39-59ºF/ 4-15ºC;
May 47-68ºF/ 9-20ºC;
Jun 53-74ºF/ 12-23ºC;
Jul 57-77ºF/ 14-25ºC;
Aug 55-76ºF/ 13-25ºC;
Sep 49-70ºF/ 9-21ºC;
Oct 40-58ºF/ 4-14ºC;
Nov 35-45ºF/ 2-7ºC;
Dec 30-38ºF/ -1 to 3ºC.

For the weather forecast go to the Yahoo weather forecast for Prague.

National Holidays
January 1 - New Years´s Day
Easter Monday
May 1 - Labour Day
May 8 - Day of Liberation from Fascism
June 5 - Day of the Slavic Apostles Constantin and Methodius
June 6 - Jan Hus´s Day
October 28 - Independence Day
December 24 - Christmas Eve
December 25 and 26 - Christmas Holidays

Important phone numbers

Telephone Codes
When calling Prague from outside the country, you must first dial the country code, 420, before the local number. (Note that 420 has been changed from the old country code, 42.)

Emergency Numbers
Police 158; fire 150; ambulance 155.
English is not likely to be spoken at these numbers, and there are no equivalent numbers for English speakers.
To reach the foreigners’ medical clinic, call 5292-2146 days or 5292-2191 nights (4 pm-7 am). The service operates 24 hours a day, and English-speaking staff are usually on duty.
The American Medical Center is at Janovskeho 48, phone 8075-7658.

The following are some of the embassies located in Prague:

Algeria Prague 6, Na Marne 16,
phone: 224611150
Argentina Prague 1, Washingtonova 25,
phone: 224212448
Austria Prague 5, Victora Huga 10,
phone: 257321282
Belarus Prague 7, Sadky Troja,
phone: 26888217
Belgium Prague 1, Valdstejnska 6,
phone: 257321282
Bulgaria Prague 1, Krakovska 6,
phone: 222211259
Canada Prague 6, Mickiewiczova 6,
phone: 224311108
Croatia Prague 6, V Pruhledu 9,
phone: 23120479
China Prague 6, Pelleova 22,
phone: 224311323
Chile Prague 6, U Vorliku 623/4,
phone: 224315064
Denmark Prague 1, Maltezke namesti 5,
phone: 257316630
Egypt Prague 6, Pelleova 14,
phone: 224311506
Finland Prague 1, Hellichova 1,
phone: 257007130
France Prague 1, Velkoprerovske namesti 2,
phone: 257320352
Germany Prague 1, Vlasska 19,
phone: 257320190
Greece Prague 6, Na Orechovce 19,
phone: 23122756
Hungary Prague 7, Badeniho 1,
phone: 2365041
Iceland Prague 1, Karlova 20,
phone: 222221218
India Prague 1, Valdstejnska 6,
phone: 257320255
Iran Prague 6, Na Zatorce 18,
phone: 2371480
Iraq Prague 6, Na Zatorce 10,
phone: 2375031
Ireland Prague 1, Trziste 13,
phone: 2530911
Israel Prague 7, Badeniho 2,
phone: 2322481
Italy Prague 1, Nerudova 20,
phone: 257320011
Japan Prague 1, Maltezke namesti 6,
phone: 257320561
Korea Prague 5, U Mrazovky 17,
phone: 2542671
Kuwait Prague 6, Pod Kastany 2,
phone: 2370180
Lebanon Prague 1, Masarykovo nabrezi 14,
phone: 2293633
Morocco Prague 6, Ke Staremu Bubenci 4,
phone: 2329404
Mexico Prague 7, Nad Kazankou 8,
phone: 28551539
Netherlands Prague 6, Gotthardska 6/27,
phone: 224312190
Norway Prague 6, Na Orechovce 69,
phone: 231111394
Palestina Prague 6, Na Orechovce 4,
phone: 224311265
Peru Prague 3, Hradecka 18,
phone: 267311972
Poland Prague 1, Valdstejnska 8,
phone: 257320678
Portugal Prague 5, Namesti Kinskych 7,
phone: 257311230
Russia Prague 6, Pod Kastany 1,
phone: 2381945
Romania Prague 1, Nerudova 5,
phone: 257320494
South Africa Prague 10, Ruska 65,
phone: 267311114
Slovakia Prague 6, Pod Hradbami 1,
phone: 2320521
Slovenia Prague 6, Pod Hradbami 15,
phone: 224315106
Spain Prague 6, Pevnostni 9,
phone: 224311441
Sweden Prague 1, Uvoz 13,
phone: 220313200
Switzerland Prague 6, Pevnostni 7,
phone: 224311228
Thailand Prague 6, R. Rolanda 3,
phone: 220571435
Tunisia Prague 7, Sadky 642/12,
phone: 28543528
Turkey Prague 6, Pevnostni 3,
phone: 224311402
United Kingdom Prague 1, Thunovska 14,
phone: 257320355
United States Prague 1, Trziste 15,
phone: 257530663
Venezuela Prague 5, Janackovo nabrezi 49,
phone: 257313740
Vietnam Prague 5, Holeckova 6,
phone: 257211540
Yugoslavia Prague 1, Mostecka 15,
phone: 257320031

Making phone calls
Phone calls can be made using coins -- 4 Kc is the minimum for a local call - or telephone cards, which can be purchased at most post offices and newspaper stands. Phone cards come with different levels of phone-time credit and vary in cost. If you're only planning on making a couple of local calls you may just decide to use the coin-operated pay phones.
Making a call on a card phone is simple: Pick up the receiver, insert the card and dial. The units of phone time count down after you are connected.
Coin-operated phones (motto: "Keep the change") often don't return your crowns if your call does not go through.

Czech News
There is a plenty of newspaper in the Czech Republic, but not too many in english. The best English speaking newspaper is The Prague Post.

Radio stations
The same situation, many czech, few english speaking.
BBC: MHz 12.09 9.410 6.195 3.955
Voice of America: MHz 15.20 9.760 6.040 5.995

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