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Prague apartments

Transport by Taxi

General Info
In Prague, generally cab transport isn't too secure, sometimes people say it is dangerous to use it. But it is safe, when you know some basic rules.

Use only cabs by phone. Radio-taxis, or cabs contacted by telephone, is the best way to get a taxi. The best option is to use AAA taxi (use the number on the bottom of this page). Other radio taxis are good and reliable as well. Never use cabs standing in the city centre. Those people are real criminals! It is always better to wait 5 minutes for radio taxi than to pay 10 times more.

If you have no choice and have to use "centre taxi", use these tips to avoid problems:

  • Take care about prices
  • The prices list must be visible on the car doors you enter in, but also inside.
  • Take care about prices set on the price counter, sometimes they differ. -Sometimes someone change prices on the car doors (they are sometimes on magnetic tables, so it is easy to put off and on without any problem) after you enter, so then you must pay higher price.
  • Inside the car you should check the full price list, it sometimes includes "strange" items, for example you can be forced to pay conversation in foreign language.
  • Every car must be visible marked with company or commercial name of taxi owner, together with identification number.
  • Sometimes drivers manipulate with the opening of the doors, so you may be trapped in the car until you pay the price.
  • Also take care about you luggage. Sometimes car drove away with you luggage if you didn't pay the forced price.
  • Want the full price document about the ride. On this document, you must find the state registration number (in Czech language SPZ) of the car, registration number of taxi owner (check if it is the same as the number on the doors, sometimes it differs).

The basic rate per 1 km is about 25 Kc (via radio-taxis), sometimes the price is more than 200 Kc.

The next rate is for entering the car, from 10 Kc up to 100 Kc. The rate for waiting is also changing, from 1 Kc per minute up to 15 Kc per minute.

Using radio-taxis, you can inform on the prices before the ride and you have the choice.

Some of the radio-taxis are listed here:
AAA Taxi - tel. 140 14 or 222 333 222
Profi Taxi - tel. 140 35 or 2 61 31 41 51
City Taxi - tel. 233 103 310
Halotaxi - tel. 244 114 411
Radiotaxi - tel. 272 731 848
Sedop - tel. 271 726 666

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