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Prague apartments

Transport by Bus

Information on bus transport in the Prague City is similar to information on metro transport, mainly about tickets and availability, information and so on.

General Info
Information Phone: 2421 1060
[Mon-Fri from 6:00 till 20:00; Sat-Sun from 8:00 till 16:00]

IDOS, on-line timetables Transport by bus is commonly used because of its availability. But the situation is getting worse because of the lack of the money. The price is approximately 1 Kc per 1 km; luggage costs at most 6 Kc. It is good to get to the station some time (for example 30 minutes) in advance to have seat so you don't have to stand all the way.

While searching for the station, search for word CSAD, which is the name of the former carrier, now divided into small companies.

Some buses have seat reservation which you must apply for it at least 5 minutes before departure. Please give your seat to old people if they ask.

Main Bus Stations
Krizikova 8, Praha 8 (metro station Florenc) long routes, especially with seat reservations; the reservations can be bought at Na Knizeci Bus Station

Na Knizeci
Nadrazni ulice, Praha 5 (metro station Andel, get out via direction Zenske domovy, CSAD) combined station with city buses, it covers south and west Bohemia

Partyzanska ulice, Praha 7 (metro station Nadrazi Holesovice) covers mainly north Bohemia

Rysaveho ulice, Praha 4 (metro station Roztyly) covers mainly the outskirts of Prague

Routes out of the country
There are some carriers:

Opletalova 37, Praha 1
Tel.: 224 21 34 20, 222 89 52 38

Bohemia Euroexpress International
Konevova 126, Praha 3
Phone/Fax: 224 814 450, 224 218 680

Bohemia Express
Konevova 227, Praha 3
Phone: 2684 21 48; Fax: 2684 09 97

CSAD Praha-zapad
Nadrazni 4, Praha 5
Phone: 22451 1543; Fax: 2454 98 60

Eurolines - JUDr. Jan Hoffman
Opletalova 37, Praha 1
Phone: 22421 3420; Fax: 22421 0835

Kingscourt Express
Antala Staska 60, Praha 4
Phone/Fax: 224 234 583, 224 233 334
Lines to London.

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